Showroom and Store LED Lighting from All Pro LED

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Do you own a store, or a showroom? Are you currently running expensive and hot, not-long-lasting incandescent light bulbs? Is your energy bill racking up because of the amount of electricity your store or showroom uses? Are you looking to cut expenses so that you can provide more services to your customers? All Pro LED has the solution for you!

All Pro LED is a professional LED light installation company, offering expert LED light installation to all of our customers. We can install LED lights in homes, kitchens, entertainment systems, and even clubs and vehicles. We can also install cost saving and energy efficient LED lights in your showroom or store! Our LED lights are perfect for your store cabinets, display cases, and even your stores accent lighting.

Instead of spending so much money running hot and expensive incandescent light bulbs, consider LED lights as a cost efficient alternative. All Pro LED offers showroom LED light installation and store LED lighting at a budget friendly cost.

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LED Lights save Money and Energy

How do LED lights save money and energy? Simple! LED lights are built to run at a lower voltage, and last up to 50,000 hours! Running an LED light costs approximate $0.25 annually, per LED light, whereas incandescent light bulbs cost around $1.28 annually, per light bulb.

Incandescent light bulbs also emit much more heat than an LED light. LED lights run at a much lower voltage, which is why they do not emit as much heat as incandescent light bulbs. Instead of having your customers sweat while viewing your products, allow them to stay cool and still view all of your products—without altering the way your product looks!

The way LED lights are made, allows them to accent your store products rather than offer a yellowish hue that may alter the way your product looks. Your LED light does not need to be white, either. You can have your LED light shine with any color you would like, even with a combination of colors. Your LED lights can be programmed to move with sound and/ or music, and can be controlled with a remote, motion sensor, and even Bluetooth. Not only are you saving money and energy by having LED lights installed from All Pro LED, but you are also giving yourself many more options to how your store or showroom can look.

LED Lights for Store Cabinets

All Pro LED offers LED lights for kitchen cabinets, and yes, store cabinets as well. Our professional LED light installation company can install puck lighting under or above your store cabinets, RGB light strips under or above your store cabinets, and even simply above your store cabinets.

Why LED lights for store cabinets? Your display store cabinets need to attract buyers so that you can continue to make profit, and you will, especially with LED lights installed onto your store cabinets from All Pro LED.

LED lights offer a beautiful accent to your store cabinet, and can even be placed to accent the areas of your store cabinets that you want. LED lights can shine any color you wish, and can even be programmed to your liking. LED lights will not alter the way your store cabinets look either, and all the wires and other portions of LED lights will be hidden from your guests. These portions of the LED lights will be very well protected, and All Pro LED will fix any issues with your LED lights as well.

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LED Lights for Display CasesOutdoor LED Services

LED lights operate at a low voltage, and thus emit less heat than incandescent light bulbs. LED lights are also made so that they do not alter the way any item looks, rather LED lights accent all items. LED lights are perfect for display cases for this reason.

While incandescent lights offer a yellowish hue to your display case, LED lights will not do that. Instead, your display case will be perfectly accented, and will stay much cooler. Typically, LED lights for display cases shine a white light, but All Pro LED allows you to choose which color, or combination of color, LED light you would like to have installed.

With LED lights from All Pro LED, you will have an amazing display case that properly shows off your items.

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LED Accent Lighting for all Purposes

When it comes to LED lights from All Pro LED, the possibilities are almost endless. A great use for LED lights, is LED accent lighting. This is because LED lights can shine a variety of colors and color combinations, allowing your LED lights to accent any store, showroom, or display case.

If you want to showcase your newest product, but do not want to surround it with obnoxious signs, consider LED accent lighting from All Pro LED. We can install your LED lights around your item to accent any feature you like, in almost any position that will achieve such an accent. We can also have your accent LED light shine a certain color, if that is what you want.

Your LED accent lighting will not be troublesome to your customers either. Instead, each wire and other LED components will be hidden from view and protected so that no one becomes injured, and your LEDs will last their lifetime.

LED accent lighting is also great for outside of your showroom or store, especially at night when all the lights are already off. Showcase your business with LED accent lighting from All Pro LED! LED lights are extremely cost efficient, and cost very little money annually to run. In fact, you can have your LED accent lights programmed to turn on at a certain time of the night, so that you do not have to worry about when they are on or off!

All Pro LED is a professional LED light installation company, with our customers as our number one priority. LED lights are a great cost efficient alternative for your showroom, display case, and store. They shine a low voltage, but still shine bright, and you can even have custom LED lights installed from All Pro LED.